An Easy to Use Keyword Research Tool for Multiple eCommerce Marketplaces

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As online businesses are booming, the competition among online sellers to get new customers is also increasing. To stay on top, being able to find the most suitable keyword is a fundamental requirement for a multi-channel seller. Keyword Tool Dominator (KTD) is one of the best solutions we’ve seen for the time-consuming task of manually searching and looking for a keyword. KTD is used by more than 15,000 users, and many of them are sellers. KTD delivers technologically advanced and effective tools to find the perfect keyword. KTD is a content marketing tool and keyword research tool that looks into online marketplaces and search engines: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google, and Bing. This is one of the few keyword tools with the capabilities to look into various platforms, and it provides a great advantage for sellers that are using a multichannel selling strategy.

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How does it do it?

KTD unlocks the searching power of the massive Autocomplete databases from Google search, Google Shopping, YouTube search, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Bing search, and eBay to uncover the “real” keywords used by “real” users as “real” search terms. The autocomplete database provides keyword advice produced by users that are real, which makes KTD an ideal option for those who rely upon true info. KTD automatically enters thousands of keywords, scanning the autocomplete results thrown up for each search to collect thousands of long-tail keywords that are searched by real users. This is comparable to a human sitting there all day researching what autocomplete results were thrown up when they typed in different search terms (but much faster of course) – ensures accuracy and you can rest assured somebody has typed in every suggestion the KTD throws up.

Not Just a Simple Keyword Tool

Services offered include; unlimited keyword suggestions, unlimited real-time keyword searches, unlimited keyword downloads, international support, unlimited daily searches, niche and long-tail keywords, keyword ranking by popularity, keyword export/download (CSV or Excel), free updates, and no subscriptions fees. All designed to help sellers succeed in Amazon and other major marketplaces.

KTD provides keyword ranking – keywords are marked according to the popularity of its position in the keyword suggestion. Also, they are ranked based on factors such as search volume, sales, and conversion rates. To be more precise with the kind of keywords to use, there is a ranking system available. This displays the rank of each keyword from best to worst using numbers from one to ten. Additionally, you can find the long-tail keywords your target audience is searching for based on real-time data which is key for understanding how your customers’ search terms vary.

KTD provides sellers with automatic updates that prevent downloading and updating manually. KTD’s autocomplete Keyword Tool allows users to work efficiently and in a flexible manner. Whenever sellers search for a specific long keyword, the tool will automatically complete the keyword. This allows sellers to get immediate results and in very quick succession.

Make Multi-Channel Keyword Research a Breeze

Having just one keyword tool that works for one marketplace is great – but what about when you go into new marketplaces? Having the right tools that can give you real data on multiple major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay is a great time-saver, making a big task a breeze. KTD is one of the few keyword research tools on the market with such capabilities for marketplaces outside of Amazon.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to keywords. It’s not enough just to find the right keywords —you also have to know how to use them to rank. To succeed with a keyword strategy, you need to have an organized plan that can work for all of the channels you are in. Part of this is having the right keyword research tools and knowing how to use them, but you also have to know your audience well, and this is particularly true when selling in multiple marketplaces since the audiences will be different per channel. With a keyword research tool like KTD, you’ll be able to simplify your keyword research processes and master marketplaces faster and more efficiently.

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