What Does an All-In-One eCommerce Solution Look Like for Small Retailers?

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Having a fully functional web store that remains functional 24/365 probably represents 90% of the business for small retailers. Every effort revolves around your web store and it is not surprising because all your sales come from it.

Most solutions aimed at small businesses cater to one market in one language. A great difference between large and small businesses is one can afford an in-house website development team while others can’t. Retailers that want to make their store available in multiple languages, and offer country-specific payment gateways and shipping options, usually have to opt for a larger solution that requires coding skills to manage. Jumpseller offers a unique value proposition.

The Solution: Jumpseller

Jumpseller is a user-friendly eCommerce platform and easy site-builder. Build your website, establish an online store, manage products and orders, and accept payments. Specifically, the most valuable features include abandoned cart recovery, ability to sell physical and digital products, free domain setup, inventory management, order fulfillment, product catalog, product management, responsive and customizable themes, order fulfillment, social media sales channels integration, and support for multiple languages and currencies.

Jumpseller aims to become a global leader in the small business eCommerce market. Their main office is in Porto, Portugal. They have an additional office in Santiago, Chile, to better support their local customers and serve as a platform to further expand to Colombia, Mexico, and the USA. A global staff made up of Portuguese, Chileans, and Americans allows Jumpseller to further expand into the social and mobile eCommerce space.

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In regards to pricing, Jumpseller is relatively cheaper compared to some other shopping carts out there. Jumpseller does not charge commissions for sale, only a monthly charge that has discounts for annual or two-yearly payments. They also have discounts for having more than one store or for recommending the platform to other people. Jumpseller’s pricing guide shows 4 subscription plans that cost anywhere from $11 to $84 per month. The main differences between plans are the number of allowable hosted domains, the ability to edit HTML store code and sell digital goods, and access to premium features such as telephone support and customizable administrative roles. We think that having the platform and in turn, your web store maintained by an expert team for only $11 to $84 a month is more than worth it. All of Jumpseller’s plans include unlimited web hosting bandwidth.

Impactful Integrations

Their current sales channel integrations are Facebook Commerce, Google Shopping, Instagram, and MercadoLibre. Jumpseller’s API strategy enables retailers with an existing web presence to start selling online and streamlines the transaction/collection process.

Easy Payments

Jumpseller is perfectly adapted to different markets in terms of payment methods. You have the option to have multi-currency on the themes. Jumpseller’s integration with payment gateways works efficiently. You can integrate with an array of global payment options which include: PayPal, PayU, Klarna, 2Checkout, Paytm, Webpay, OnePay, Skrill, Easypay, Pagseguro, HiPay Wallet, Khipu, iDEAL, MercadoPago, Stripe, IfThenPay, Servipag, euPago, PayUmoney, PayFast, and PayUBiz.  Finally, Jumpseller also lets your buyers use manual payments offsite payments

Multi-Language Capability

The multi-language features are a welcomed bonus. Jumpseller offers multi-language support capability which allows you to either automatically or manually translate the contents of your eCommerce website to over 20+ languages. Jumpseller’s multi-language feature not only applies to the store content but also to the Administration section. This means that simultaneously you can view the Administrator section in the respective Local Language making it highly convenient!

Shipping Order Management

You can integrate with an array of global shipping/fulfillment providers. Jumpseller is also adapted to different markets in terms of shipping methods. You can fulfill and ship orders from the platform using powerful integrations. Partner up with leading logistics companies such as Chilexpress, Shipit, Ctt, Servientrega, and shipping methods such as UPS and Shiptimize.  

World Class Customer Support

In regards to customer support, they are very responsive and helpful. It’s our experience that even on weekends you can have a solution in a maximum of 1 hour. When we contacted them, they guided us to navigate their step-by-step support pages and helped us set up more advanced features. The support is timely, the people are always there to answer our queries big or small. We didn’t feel as if we were left wondering additional things. Jumpseller understands that the objective of an eCommerce page is to be up 24×365.

Today, retailers with an online presence are thought to have made the right decision. This has served as the launching pad for many small business owners. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs cannot afford the development of infrastructure to create and maintain an effective online presence. Jumpseller is an all-in-one software that looks to lower the cost and skill barrier to an effective web store.

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